Social Secretary of the Law Society involves organising all the social events for the Law Soc. This is my second year in the role, so hopefully I know a thing or two about event organisation at this stage and will be able to put together some amazing events for you in the next year!

Us ‘Lawheads’ are known for being major socialites, there will be many class parties for you to attend during the year for you to, ahem, ‘bond’ with your classmates. The first of these will be the ‘Feel a little fresher’ pub crawl, a chance for you to mix with your classmates and carry on the festivities of being a ‘newbie’ to U.C.C. after Fresher’s Week is over.

The two big social events of the year are Law Week, in November, culminating in the Law Dinner, and the Law Ball in January. Law week comprises of-you guessed it-law filled activities, educational and social. We’ll have our annual Iron Stomach competition and Take Me Out. The Law Dinner will take place at the end of this week, which will be your first formal event as a Law student. This is your chance to don your glad rags and mingle with law students and faculty alike. This is an intimate event, attended by all law students and was held this year in the beautiful Clarion Hotel, Cork, with special guests Bluemoose.

And of course lest I forget, the beloved Law Ball, where romances start, barriers between students and faculty end and as many tux jackets as dignities lost. This year’s Law Ball will take place on the 30th of January in Rochestown Park Hotel with J90 playing. It’s guaranteed to be a memorable night (or perhaps not for some!!) so be sure to get your ticket and your tux well in advance J

Each year we look for some helpers—as you can see our social calendar is jam-packed!! Social Secretary is a position that often attracts a lot of students during election time, and it’s a good you a chance to see what’s entailed in event organisation and management. If this is something that would appeal to you, send me a short email outlining why you’d be suited to the job, with your name and student number to